Irvin and Elizabeth McDuffie

“Throughout the nation today, colored men and women are playing the part in the government under President Roosevelt’s New Deal that we have awaited . . . these seventy years which have passed since President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.”                    —Elizabeth McDuffie, Campaign Speech, St. Louis, Missouri, 1936  Elizabeth and Irvin McDuffie, two Black … Continue reading Irvin and Elizabeth McDuffie

Desk with many items within exhibit display

Artifact Highlight: FDR’s Oval Office Desk

By Herman Eberhardt, Supervisory Museum Curator Visitors to the Roosevelt Library often ask me what I think is the most important artifact in the Museum. Since the Museum collection includes over 34,000 objects, that would seem to be a difficult question to answer. The collection covers a broad spectrum of artifacts, ranging from clothing, personal … Continue reading Artifact Highlight: FDR’s Oval Office Desk

A Diplomatic Break–In Tradition

Eighty-one years ago today, on December 15, 1937, the President broke with tradition to receive the new Nicaraguan ambassador to the United States, Dr. Leon DeBayle (sometimes de Bayle or De Bayle), in his West Wing office, not the White House Blue Room. Photo: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Though nattily attired in a … Continue reading A Diplomatic Break–In Tradition

FDR’s Four Historic Inaugurations

By Paul M. Sparrow, Director, FDR Library. Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only person who will ever have FOUR presidential inaugurations (thanks to the 22nd Amendment.) And each and every one of his inaugurations was historic in its own way.  Every president from Washington to Roosevelt had been inaugurated in March. Why? Because the U.S. … Continue reading FDR’s Four Historic Inaugurations

Found in the Archives

Do you remember your childhood excitement when you received an invitation to a party? Imagine how exciting it would be to receive an invitation to a party at the White House! While Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s children were all adults during the White House years, two of their grandchildren lived for a time in the … Continue reading Found in the Archives

Eleanor Roosevlet – My Day: September 22-30

September 22, 1942 "NEW YORK, Monday—...After writing my column yesterday, I began to think about how people, who have never been in public life, little know about the everyday things involved in living not as one chooses, but as one must. Those of us who have lived in government houses know that no government house … Continue reading Eleanor Roosevlet – My Day: September 22-30