Happy Birthday Franklin Roosevelt

By Paul M. Sparrow, Director, FDR Library. Birthdays are always a good time to take stock and look back. On this, the 134th anniversary of Franklin Roosevelt’s birth, it is important to remember what made him so special. He was born at Springwood, the family home in Hyde Park. It was a difficult birth on … Continue reading Happy Birthday Franklin Roosevelt

From the Museum

Marion Dickerman’s Toga Costume (MO 1975.38a-b)   Franklin Roosevelt’s harsher critics sometimes compared him to a dictator. In 1934, the President and his staff turned this criticism into a lighthearted joke at FDR’s 52nd birthday party. The party was held on January 30, 1934, at the White House by members of the Cuff Links Gang, … Continue reading From the Museum

From the Museum

Eleanor Roosevelt's Engagement Ring (MO 1974.375)   On November 22, 1903, 21-year-old Franklin Roosevelt asked 19-year-old Eleanor Roosevelt to be his wife. Eleanor accepted, but Franklin’s mother, Sara, opposed the match, believing her son was too young to marry. She convinced the couple to keep their engagement secret for a year—hoping their ardor would cool. … Continue reading From the Museum

FDR Birthday Event

Sunday, January 30, 2011 FDR Birthday Event: Rose Garden Ceremony Location: Rose Garden, Home of FDR National Historic Site Time: 3:00 p.m. On Sunday, January 30 at 3:00 p.m., the National Park Service will hold a Rose Garden Ceremony to commemorate Franklin Roosevelt's Birthday. Following the ceremony, the FDR Presidential Library will invite attendees to return … Continue reading FDR Birthday Event

This Week in Roosevelt History: January 22-31

January 30, 1884: FDR is born in his family home in Hyde Park, NY. FDR "Toga Party" Birthday Celebration. Pictured: Marvin McIntyre, Grace Tully, Tom Lynch, Marguerite LeHand, Kirke Simpson, Nancy Cook, Malvina Thompson, Eleanor, Irwin McDuffie, FDR, Anna Roosevelt, Charles McCarthy, Margaret Durand, Stanley Prenosil, James Sullivan, Marion Dickerman, Louis Howe, Stephen Early. January … Continue reading This Week in Roosevelt History: January 22-31