Found in the Archives

Do you remember your childhood excitement when you received an invitation to a party? Imagine how exciting it would be to receive an invitation to a party at the White House!

Eleanor (Sistie) Dall Seagraves and Curtis (Buzzie) Roosevelt on the south lawn of the White House, Washington, DC with German Shepherd.

While Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s children were all adults during the White House years, two of their grandchildren lived for a time in the White House. Anna and Curtis Dall, known to many as “Sistie” and “Buzzie,” were the children of Anna Dall, the Roosevelt’s eldest child and only daughter.

According to “Buzzie,” he and his sister lived in the White House from September 1933 to November 1935. They visited the White House from Christmas 1936 through the Inauguration in 1937 and then again during Christmas 1939. They returned to the White House to live from 1944-45, though they spent most of that time at boarding school.

While in the White House Anna and Curtis hosted many birthday and holiday parties. Invitations to those parties are found here in the archives at the FDR Library.