The Holiday Season of 1943

By Kevin Thomas, Archives Technician New York, New York. Raymond [i.e. Raimondo] Fazio and his family receive a belated Christmas package from one of their four sons in the service. This one is in Africa. Fazio is a journalist and lives on East Tenth Street. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division: The end … Continue reading The Holiday Season of 1943

Making His List and Checking It Twice

The holiday season brings about the list maker in all of us, well, at least in those of us who give gifts—or make lists. The President certainly took a hands on approach to the Christmas season. We have folders of official gift lists accounting for hundreds of people. We've highlighted the gifts he bestowed in … Continue reading Making His List and Checking It Twice

Found in the Archives

How the Roosevelts Spent Christmas, 1936 As the holiday season approaches, we often get asked for details about how the Roosevelts spent Christmas in the White House. This memorandum describes the plans for Christmas 1936, including how the White House was decorated, the First Family's schedule and house guests, and even procedures for opening presents. … Continue reading Found in the Archives

From the Museum

Fala's Christmas Stocking (MO 2006.347)   In 1941, the staff at the Roosevelt Library celebrated the new institution’s first Christmas by decorating President Roosevelt’s private study. The adornments included this small, blue stocking for FDR’s beloved Scottish terrier, Fala. The stocking can be seen in the photo above hanging next to the President’s. The scene … Continue reading From the Museum