August 14: A Day of Two Anniversaries

By Paul M. Sparrow, Director, FDR Library. August 14th is a very significant day in the legacy of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Two of the most important and lasting achievements of his presidency occurred on this day - ten years apart. The Social Security Act was enacted on August 14th, 1935, and the official end of World … Continue reading August 14: A Day of Two Anniversaries

From the Museum

Social Security Placard (MO 2012.2.4) Soon after its enactment, FDR began working to expand Social Security. Congress ignored his calls to open coverage to farm and domestic workers and other excluded groups. But in 1939, lawmakers passed amendments that added Social Security benefits for the spouse and minor children of retired workers. Congress also provided … Continue reading From the Museum

Found in the Archives

Enacting Social Security On August 14, 1935 legislators and advisors crowded into the White House Cabinet Room to witness the signing of the Social Security Act. News photographers and film crews recorded the moment for history as FDR put his signature on the bill. Standing directly behind the President was the person most responsible for … Continue reading Found in the Archives

This Week in Roosevelt History: April 22-30

April 27, 1937: The nation’s first Social Security checks were distributed. Social Security poster of a woman leaning on a fence post. FDR Library Photo Collection. NPx. 53-227(1733). ********** The New Deal Estore is a great place to shop for Roosevelt related books, gifts, and other treasures from the New Deal Store at the Roosevelt … Continue reading This Week in Roosevelt History: April 22-30