Franklin D. Roosevelt Day by Day – March

March 17, 1935 marked Franklin and Eleanor’s 30th wedding anniversary. They were married on St. Patrick’s Day in 1905 in New York City at the home of Eleanor’s aunt, Mrs. Henry Parrish Jr. The bride was given away by her uncle, President Theodore Roosevelt. They took their honeymoon over the summer and visited England, France, Germany, Italy, Scotland and Switzerland.

Below is the front of a card sent to the President and Mrs. Roosevelt for their 30th wedding anniversary. The rest of the card and letter sent to the Roosevelt’s can be found on Franklin D. Roosevelt Day by Day.

3 thoughts on “Franklin D. Roosevelt Day by Day – March

  1. I can hardly believe my eyes.

    In March of 1933 began the most remarkable — and productive — 100 days in American presidential history, yet the only thing the FDR Library can write about is the Roosevelt’s 30th wedding anniversary!

    What is going on with the FDR Library staff that this is the best they can do in recalling the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

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  2. Beginning the day he was inaugurated, March 4, 1933, FDR launched a “New Deal” for Americans.

    In March of 1933 alone, FDR saved the American banking system and restored the people’s confidence that their banks were safe places to keep their money, created the Civilian Conservation Corps to provide employment for tens of thousands of young American men, saved thousands of farmers from foreclosure on their mortgages and reassured the American people that there was a New Man in the White House — a new kind of president — one who believed the country had a responsibility for its people in the same way the people have a responsibility for their country.

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