The “Four Freedoms” speech remastered

By Paul M. Sparrow, Director, FDR Library. There is only one speech in American history that inspired a multitude of books and films, the establishment of its own park, a series of paintings by a world famous artist, a prestigious international award and a United Nation’s resolution on Human Rights. That speech is Franklin D. Roosevelt’s … Continue reading The “Four Freedoms” speech remastered

Found in the Archives

"This Is No Ordinary Time" Tensions ran high as Eleanor Roosevelt approached the podium to address the delegates of the 1940 Democratic National Convention. The prior evening's raucous proceedings, which led  to FDR's nomination for an unprecedented third term candidacy, had been long and trying. Now FDR's subsequent insistence on Henry Wallace as Vice Presidential … Continue reading Found in the Archives

Eleanor Roosevelt – My Day: June 22-30

June 29, 1936 "HYDE PARK—The trip to Philadelphia went quickly and we had the amusing experience of hearing over the radio the announcement of our own arrival. Without thinking, I went out on the platform of the car to see if Anna and John and Franklin, Jr., who were to meet us there had arrived … Continue reading Eleanor Roosevelt – My Day: June 22-30