Renovation Update

You have to break a few bricks to renovate a Presidential Library


With FDR looking on we continue to make progress in Phase 2 of our Library renovation. Demolition work is all around us, the roofers are putting on a beautiful new slate roof on the original 1939 building, and the new stair installation is proceeding. As soon as the stair is in place we will move Library staff to the attic to give the remaining spaces in the building to the contractor. Our permanent museum exhibits close on April 30th and we open our exciting photographic exhibit on the lives and times of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt on May 1st.

One thought on “Renovation Update

  1. It might be worth noting that FDR originated the concept of Presidential Libraries. He donated his personal private land to the government and then donated his papers and memorabilia to the government, to be housed in his Library.

    Today’s presidential libraries have grown into something resembling the pyramids of the Egyptian Pharaohs, but FDR’s purpose in creating his presidential Library was to make his Presidential papers available to the American public. His purpose was NOT to build a grand monument to himself, as modern-day presidents are doing.

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