Found in the Archives – Road Trip!

The New Deal is all around us!!!

On a recent trip to New England, a Roosevelt Library staff member couldn’t help but notice the enduring and ubiquitous legacy of the New Deal all around.

While walking in the Brown University section of Providence, Rhode Island, a simple glance downward discovered a brass marker embedded into the sidewalk.


Between 1935 and 1938, the WPA built the very sidewalks being walked on by today’s Rhode Islanders.


In a side trip to the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales University, a behind the scenes tour revealed an apple crate with the placard “New Deal Northwest Apples” produced by the Adams Fruit Company.





And the enduring legacy of the New Deal can even be found in Kennedy country. The beautiful Post Office in Hyannis, Massachusetts, was built by the Treasury Department’s public buildings program in 1937 and is still in use today.




So wherever you go, look for the impact that the New Deal still has on our infrastructure and popular culture. You’ll be surprised at how much there is and let us know what else you find!