This Week in Roosevelt History: October 1-7

October 5, 1937: FDR gives a campaign speech in Chicago calling for a “quarantine” of the aggressor nations.



Did you know:

  • On October 7, 1942 FDR announced his plan to try war criminals after the war.
  • On October 5, 1944 FDR called for an end of poll taxes during a radio address.


2 thoughts on “This Week in Roosevelt History: October 1-7

  1. Maybe if the FDR Library staffers weren’t spending so much of their time posting their own life stories on this website, they would have ample time to keep this page up to date.

    The last post was in October and it is now July.

    Surely with all the archival material about FDR that exists at the FDR Library it cannot be much of a chore to look up something FDR did in, say, July of any one of the many long years he was president or even from when he was Governor of New York State.

    1. Chris, thank you for your comment and your continued interest in our blog. “This Week in Roosevelt History” was a category of blog posts which was retired last October, coinciding with the launch of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Day by Day Chronology, an extensive web resource. Day by Day includes President Roosevelt’s appointment diaries and schedules for his entire presidency, as well as countless documents and photographs relating to events from his time in the White House. If you are interested in the daily activities of the Roosevelt Administration we encourage you to explore Day by Day often because we continue to add new content on a regular basis:

      In addition to the Day by Day website, thousands of documents and photographs related to the Roosevelt era can be found on the Library’s official website: The site features an extensive special features page where we continue to add new content related to the legacies and lives of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Here’s the link:

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