This Week in Roosevelt History: September 22-30

September 23, 1944: FDR gives a campaign speech to the Teamsters Union denouncing Republican attacks that he had sent a U.S. Navy destroyer to retrieve his dog Fala after leaving him behind on the Aleutian Islands.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's speech to the Teamsters Union.

Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Quonset hut mess hall in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska.
August 3, 1944
FDR Library Photo Collection. NPx. 48-22:3868(497).

Franklin D. Roosevelt fishing at Kodiak Island, Alaska.
August 7, 1944
FDR Library Photo Collection. NPx. 48-22:3868(498).


Did you know:

  • On September 27, 1938 FDR appealed to German Chancellor Adolf Hitler for a peaceful solution of the Czechoslovakian crisis.
  • On September 26, 1940 FDR dedicated the new National Airport in Washington, D.C.