From the Museum

“Declaration of Independence” Crocheted Wall Hanging (MO 2005.298)

As the Fourth of July approaches, we celebrate Independence Day with a gift sent to President Roosevelt by a patriotic admirer. This handmade crocheted wall hanging was made by Nellie L. Plummer, a widow from Defiance, Pennsylvania, and sent to FDR in June 1943, just a few days before the Fourth of July and during the height of World War II. See a letter to FDR from Mrs. Plummer below and well as a copy of the response from the President’s Secretary.

The piece depicts the Committee of Five of the Second Continental Congress—consisting of Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Robert Livingston—presenting a draft of the Declaration of Independence to Congress. This image is based on the John Trumbull painting currently on display in the United States Capitol Rotunda.