This Week in Roosevelt History: February 22-29

February 29, 1936: FDR signed amended neutrality resolution. “This amendement prohibited loans or credits to belligerents, but a ‘Monroe Doctrine’ clause exempted american nations engaged in war with nations outside the western hemisphere.”

Statement by The President regarding Neutrality in the Italy-Ethiopia Conflict.


Did you know…..

  • On February 23, 1942, FDR made a fireside chat on war progress. During this fireside chat, a Japanese submarine surfaced off Golata, CA, and shelled an oil refinery.
  • On February 28, 1945, FDR returned from his trip to Yalta. During his time in office, FDR made 24 trips outside of the U.S., visiting 19 countries. He traveled outside the U.S. more than any president before him.
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  1. Wow all of this is really amazing! I’m from England and love the Roosevelt family! Your blog is of great interest and use to me! Thank you! Xx

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