FDR’s Ship Models Part One: Sailing Ships

By Paul M. Sparrow, Director, FDR Library. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an avid collector – of objects, people and most importantly ideas. He was a connoisseur of naval art, stamps, rare first edition books and of course ship models. While he was well known for his stamp collecting, his first love was the sea. His … Continue reading FDR’s Ship Models Part One: Sailing Ships

The Casablanca Conference – Unconditional Surrender

By Paul M. Sparrow, Director, FDR Library. In January, 1943, President Roosevelt embarked on a secret mission that would determine the course of World War Two, and ultimately the world we live in today. His destination - Casablanca, Morocco. His goal - to finalize Allied military plans with the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. It … Continue reading The Casablanca Conference – Unconditional Surrender

The Roosevelts’ Art: Personal Stories

By Paul Sparrow, Director, FDR Library. Art is the window to man's soul. Without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world; nor could the world see the man within. - Lady Bird Johnson “The Roosevelts’ Art: Personal Stories” is a special exhibit running from April 1 until April 30th in … Continue reading The Roosevelts’ Art: Personal Stories

Happy Mother’s Day

This Mother's Day we celebrate two of the mothers in FDR's life - Sara and Eleanor. Happy Mother's Day - To FDR? In 1940, FDR and his mother, Sara Delano Roosevelt, celebrated Mother’s Day in an unconventional manner—she gave her son a gift! This role reversal was connected to the creation of the Roosevelt Library. … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day

New Museum Virtual Tour!

On January 30, the Roosevelt Library unveiled its latest initiative to harness new media technologies to reach new audiences-- an online, interactive Virtual Tour of the Museum’s 12,000 square foot permanent exhibition. The Virtual Tour lets visitors from all over the world experience the Museum and access additional educational materials. Funded by a generous grant … Continue reading New Museum Virtual Tour!

Around the World in 80 Days with the Roosevelts

The Roosevelt Library plans quite a trip for Summer 2014! Join us as we journey to seven continents and 95 countries for Around the World in 80 Days with the Roosevelts. Look for hundreds of internationally themed photographs, museum objects, and historic documents on the Library's Tumblr -- fdrlibrary.tumblr.com – and other social media accounts beginning Memorial Day weekend and culminating with the August … Continue reading Around the World in 80 Days with the Roosevelts

Using New Media To Expand Access to the Museum

By Herman Eberhardt, Supervisory Museum Curator The Roosevelt Library’s new 12,000 square foot $6 million permanent exhibition, which opened to the public in June 2013, features a variety of audiovisual experiences, including an array of interactive touchscreen programs. They help us tell the vital story of the Roosevelt era to new generations of Americans in … Continue reading Using New Media To Expand Access to the Museum

From the Museum

80th Anniversary – Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 Presidential Inauguration Eighty years ago, on March 4, 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated as President of the United States for the first time. As he approached the rostrum to take the oath of office at the Capitol, he braced himself on his son James’s arm. Breaking precedent, … Continue reading From the Museum

Casablanca Conference

70th Anniversary of the Casablanca Conference – January 14-24, 1943 From 1942 to 1944 one subject dominated Allied strategic debate—the creation of a Second Front in Europe. This thorny issue caused friction between America, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. It topped the agenda of the January 1943 summit meeting between FDR and Winston Churchill … Continue reading Casablanca Conference